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Raw food diet
04/25/2007 at 12:38 PM

Has anyone ever heard of the raw food (or living foods) diet?  What does it entail?

Hey Wish


I have heard of this sort of diet but I don't know anything about it.


It sounds interesting, anyone out there have any info.




With the recent news of ecoli and other bacteria illnesses caused by unclean foods - the idea of a raw food diet seems a bit scary to me even though it is thought by practitioners to be better for you. 


A raw food diet consists of eating foods that are never heated above 92 degrees.  There are supposed to be number of benefits to this way of eating; apparently, raw foods contain important enzymes that aid in digestion.  However, very few raw foodist subsist exclusively on raw foods.  Typically, at least 15% of a raw foodist daily diet is cooked.  This diet is not for everyone!!! If you're considering this, don't forget to consult your physician!



The diet sounds disgusting personally I prefer my food cooked.


I htink it is a step beyonf vegetarianism... they sound alike but they are not. actaully it ousnd very healthy.

 he is not home right now, but let me see if he can adlib  on this for you.






Some foods especially vegetables need to be cooked to get optimum nutrients from them as the body enzymes can't break the foods down properly by themselves. Foods such as tomatoes actually are better for you cooked than raw.

I'm a vegan, and a great deal of my diet consists of raw food. Raw food is not scary, it's very natural. When food is cooked, it loses a lot of nutrients and enzymes. Eating raw also is delicious (there are a lot of great recipe books), and it's quick! Since you're not cooking, food prep is really fast. The only thing that takes pre-planning is having to soak seeds so they sprout. It also gives you a lot more energy than cooked food. I really recommend Raw Food Made Easy For 1 or 2 People by Jennifer Cornbleet.

I actually lost a lot of weight following a raw food diet. I cooked certain things like fish and meats, but I ate mostly raw vegies. I have to agree. Eating healthy, whether raw or cooked, and also exercising, will give you so much more energy during the day.

cooking food often causes it to loose nutrients, so raw food can be better. however, be careful with this and consult a physician and a nutritionist