Overweight 19 year old daughter
07/10/2010 at 13:33 PM

I have a very intelligent and beautiful 19 yrs. old daughter who is seriously overweight. She is 5'6" tall and weights over 200 pounds. She plainly says she hates exercise and likes to eat. Her favorite pastimes are reading and photography.

I have tried just teaching her by example. We eat healthy at home. Variety of vegetables, lean meats, fruits and salads. Sweets once in a while, because I do not believe depriving ourselves is the answer. We eat correct portions without making a big deal about it. My daughter does not pile her plate with food. She actually serves herself normal portions, but I think she is munching a lot during the day. I must add that she lives away from home must of the time, as she is already a Second year College student.

I worry a lot about her health, but it is very hard to talk to her about her weight. She completely clams shut, if the topic is raised and gets very angry. When she was much younger, she asked help to loose weight because she was being teased at school. She was only a chubby then. I took her to a Nutritionist and my daughter responded to the plan happily. She was soon slowly loosing weight and in about six months she was a healthy size. After a year and half, she started putting back the pounds and stop following the nutritionist advice of eating 3 meals a day at proper times, and only eating to small healthy snacks in between. She has put on an average of 10 ponds per year after that.

I do not know what to do anymore. I even started swimming just because she wanted to and would not go by herself. She stopped swimming after a year. If not for her weight, she is a happy well adjusted young woman. She has many friends that adore her. She is doing great in College. She is truth-worthy. I do not have any complains about her. She is also becoming very independent. What is a mother to do?