New Grandaughter
09/25/2010 at 14:24 PM

I'am 48 and just found out through a DNA test I have a 2 year old grandaughter. My 20 year old son is now fighting for custody of his new found daughter. We have just recently recieved visitation with her. She is a wonderful little girl, loves to come and visit with us. She hops right into the car, she never crys and is always very good with my son.she plays with him, let hims pick her right up. She comes running to him when we go pick her up. The problem is she is closer to women than men, my son wants her to hug him and give him kisses but she tells him no. he is having a very hard time with this. i told him to just hug her and kiss her forehead, but he asks her to give him a kiss or a hug and she won't do it. He gets very hurt. Any advice for my son would be great.

Sounds like a very strong willed young girl. There are millions out there who are willing to give advice, myself included, but advice can differ from person to person, as you are finding out. So the advice I’ll give is to stop taking all the advice. Give yourself a day to sit and think about your next step. You have known this child from day one, who knows better how she ticks than you? Trust your instinct. Once you get her back home, cut the internet access and only allow it when she is listening to you. Go back to the basics of rewarding for good behavior and taking privileges away for disobedience.


tried that and she took extension cord to garden to take neighbour's wireless internet
so she was sitting in the rain under the garden umbrella but still on the interenet

if you are single dad how do you keep your kid at home?


Was the social worker any help?


sort of at first until social worker assumed she was coming for half the time and my daughter said " I never agreed to that" and did not want to go back
if you have any ideas let me know
tx for your concern