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New Grandaughter
09/25/2010 at 17:24 PM

I'am 48 and just found out through a DNA test I have a 2 year old grandaughter. My 20 year old son is now fighting for custody of his new found daughter. We have just recently recieved visitation with her. She is a wonderful little girl, loves to come and visit with us. She hops right into the car, she never crys and is always very good with my son.she plays with him, let hims pick her right up. She comes running to him when we go pick her up. The problem is she is closer to women than men, my son wants her to hug him and give him kisses but she tells him no. he is having a very hard time with this. i told him to just hug her and kiss her forehead, but he asks her to give him a kiss or a hug and she won't do it. He gets very hurt. Any advice for my son would be great.

Congratulations on the new found daughter, and granddaughter. Dad needs to understand that he has not been in her life from the beginning. Though it may be easy being the father to open his heart and want to love his daughter, I’m not sure that it is as automatic for a child; this may be debatable. Give her space and time, she will start to come around, forcing it may make her more resistant. Who knows what she has been exposed to; she may have had many men come in and out of her life in her first two years. Just have him be there for her. If she gets a scrape, let dad take care of her. She needs to learn that from now on she can go to him for anything. I want to say that I am happy that this father has found his daughter and is willing to take on the expense and stress that is always involved in a custody battle. I wish more fathers would stop making excuses about the expense and how the system is stacked against them. If you never try, you can never win. Good luck.

Thank you, for your advice.