My Husband and his sister
08/29/2010 at 18:43 PM

I am from a very conservative family where brothers and sisters maintain a distance when we grow...when it comes to dressing or sleeping.My husband has an 18 years old sister and I find him very close to her .He sleeps with her hugging her and he touches her everywhere and I feel dis comfortable. of course he says she is his elder daughter. they have 10 years age gap between them but still I am not able to take it.She doesn't mind taking off her clothes in front of him and he too doesn't mind that but I mind it so badly and I am going mad.I am scared if I talk to him about it ,he might get mad on me...I just want to know whether it is normal or I am making it abnormal
My parents taught me how to sit properly when it comes to other sex whether it be a father or brother.I find him kissing her most of the time and loves her so much...May be I am envious that he loves her more than me but I just want to know whether all brothers wash their sisters under garments and behave like this to them

Don't let someone else set the standard to what is beautiful. 29 with hips is beautiful and sexy! Let hubby of the jelly belly complain, but don't take it to heart (cause he's wrong).


Well that really sux. Sorry that you hear that kind of stuff and feel that way about yourself.

I think people sometime say things like that to other people because they're trying to make up for their own insecurities.

Well, I married my first wife when she was 18 and a little hottie, over 24 years and 3 kids, she gained some weight. I never, ever not one time ever made her feel bad about it, never said a word. When she asked for a treadmill, I bought her one. She didn't use it, and I never said a word about that either.

I am really physically active due to my job, really strong and am in decent shape still for being .. as old as I am, LOL. As a result, my GF is constantly saying how she feels bad about her weight. She isn't even in bad shape at all and I feel bad for her b/c her last ex used to say stuff.. so now I have more stuff to build with her that others already tore down before I got there, it's hard :(

I dunno, you have to accept people, not tear them down.

I guess I don't have any actual advice but you sound like you could use some work on your own self esteem and let other people worry about themselves.

You know, it's all about the person you really are inside that counts.

You should sit him down and tell him how this really hurts you, and ask him to at least stop what he's doing, if he can't manage to reinforce you and make you feel worthy as a person.

And about the women, I think almost everyone looks, it's pretty much human nature. I look. My GF looks, but we don't stare and we don't try to hurt each other or be obvious. It's just common courtesy. Flirting with others is just not acceptable.

Write yourself some nice notes on the mirror with lipstick.

Tell him I said to be nice and kind and understanding to his woman and stop being a jerk, or he's gonna lose her :)