My 7th grader and those darn video games
09/19/2010 at 13:44 PM

Hi, I have a 7th grade son who has always been into video games. I normally wouldn't have a problem with this..except...I got a phone call from the school on Friday saying that he was not doing his work in class, not turning in his homework, and that the teachers had to move him to the front of the class for not paying attention. When he arrived home from school and I confronted him with this, I made him dump out his backpack and found that 3 of his notebooks were nothing but drawings and pictures of that game Halo. At this point I had decided that all the game systems were going to be taken away from him until I see major improvement in his school work. It was like WW3 in here!! He acted like I was taking his life away! He is normally a very well behaved child, and other than some abandonment issues regarding his non-existent father, he hasn't had any problems. This whole weekend he has made my life a living hell with his's like he's going through video game withdraws or something. I just want him to realize that school is most important, not his friends or the games. Any ideas on how I can divert his attention off of the games and on to something else?