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My 6 year old
11/08/2010 at 22:35 PM

My 6 year old obsesses over food. We eat very healthy in our house. I am diabetic controling my blood sugars with diet so there is very little sugar in our house. Meals are well ballanced with lots of whole grains, fruit, and vegetables. Meals are eaten at the same time daily because of my eating schedual. But my 6 year old continues to beg for food and if allowed to will gorge herself. She is very active and loves her trampoline and walking, but I am very concerned because I am diebetic that her weight will become a problem. She weighs 74 lbs and is 4' 4" tall with a small paunch tummy. I have control over her eating half of the week but her mother has her the other half of the week and I can't always ensure that she is being kept regulated. Any suggestions??

I think that it's best if you could teach her upfront on the basics of good nutrition and why she has to keep watch over what she eats herself. This way you wouldn't have to worry. Make it fun, but make sure it sticks. Moonwalk sales

Kids need to eat about every 3 hours. Three square meals a day will make them fat, because they get so hungry before the next meal that they overeat during the meal. Raw vegetables, whole grain toast, lowfat diary, small fruits, these are good choices for snacks.