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My 3 year old son doesn't want to see his dad.
09/01/2010 at 16:41 PM

O.k I am in need of some serious advice. My son is almost 4 and he lives with me. In February someone placed a call to C.P.S. Saying I had a meth lab that my children help with. Whoever placed the call was out to hurt my family they were not concerned.That was far from the truth. I thought everything went well the worker said he was going to mark the case unfounded or close the case. So you can imagine my suprise when my ex who had only supervised visitation came over and gave me a hug and said "you lost them you lost the kids." He then took off with one of my sons and my parents soon came over and took my other son without saying a word to me. I was in shock about the whole thing and it was a entire month until they let me see them again.That following month they came back home as if nothing ever happened. o.k so now 7 months later my son doesn't want to see or go with his father anywhere. At first I just thought he is bored over there without his brother to play with and that's why he doesn't want to go over there. But then the other day i caught him doing something gross with his teddy bear. I took it away from him and threw it out of his reach and then asked him where he saw that. His next words where not what I expected to hear him say he said "no it's o.k mommy I help daddy make milk come out" The sharpness of my voice when I said "What?" startled him and when I asked for more information he just kept saying "I don't know". His father soon called and asked to see him and i told him that until I figured out what was going on I did not want my son seeing or talking to him. Within 15-20 minutes later he went to my parents house knowing my other son gets dropped off there by the school bus. He grabbed him out of my arms and said what did you tell your mother then started yelling that I was a Dope addict. He was trembling when he said it and then said if you don't let me see him I will call C.P.S again. I feel trapped and don't know what to do. Should I call the Sheriff should I call C.P.S Or should I get a restraining order. I am confused because I am not 100% sure my son is telling the truth. He has been known to tell some whoppers before. Please I need some advise and soon.

Call CPS and insist that the order of supervised visitation be enforced. You have already been investigated for whatever, and the children were left in your care, so you are in a position of strength. Tell them about the disturbing conversation with your son. Whoever has been supervising your son's visitation should be able to give some information about whether the boy has actually been unsupervised during the visitation. My cousin asked me to supervise her visitation 20 years ago, so at least at that time and place it was quite informal.

I feel sorry for these kids.

Definitely call the CPS case worker and let them know what's going on. Serious concerns about your childs welfare are always worth reporting. (And its sooo NOT ok to insult or trash talk the other parent to a child). God Bless you and yours.