my 3 year old and his behavior at school
10/20/2010 at 07:55 AM

hey all, im new here-my son patrick started preschool recently. He seems to be having problems. His teacher says "hes adorable and loves school but he doesnt listen or focus". I feel like such a bad mom. My husband and i currently live with my parents so i am wondering if that could be a factor. I dont want my son to get kicked out of preschool. I think patrick has a lot of energy. My husband was adhd but in my opnion patrick is too young to diagnose. I;m trying to get patrick help by pennsylvania early intervention problem. HIs teacher keeps giving me all these diff numbers b.c i guess she wants the problem solved fast. I just want the best for my son. Anyone else going through this?? I work part time so i cant be with patrick all the time to work on his behavior.

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