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Moving to a home with a pond ....
08/04/2010 at 07:51 AM

This might be a weird discussion, but i need some parenting advice. My husband and i are currently looking for a place to live, and we recently found a home we love. Unfortunately for me i hate the pond, and for my husband he loves the pond. Right now we only have one little boy he is 15 months old.
The pond is located maybe 50 feet from the house so it is close, and all i can think about is my son falling in there and drowning, or walking on the ice in the winter and falling in. I watch my son don't get me wrong, but it only take one second for something to go wrong. Should i revolve a lifetime decision based on a fear of something might happening one day? I know that it could be a really fun thing for my husband and son to do together, and i don't want to take that away, but i also don't want to be afraid everyday...

Your constant worry about the possible negative consequences of moving into this home on this pond will make your life very stressful. My advice is to move on and look for another home.

At 15 months old I doubt he'll be outside without supervision. Plenty of people with small children have ponds, live on a lake, have swimming pools, etc. We all worry about our kids, when we moved into a two story house I worried about one of the kids falling down the stairs, I worry they won't look both ways before crossing the street, I worry my teenager is going to wreck when she learns to drive. So No, do not revolve a lifetime decision based on a fear of something might happen one day. Take the time to teach your toddler about water safety (possibly find a swim class for his age gro up). If you do buy the house fence in a play-yard off the side/back of the house, you can take it down once he's old enough to respect and understand how dangerous a pond can be.

Really good idea--build a space where you know he's safe so you can both relax when he plays outside. And yes, supervise. And put a thumblatch up high on every outside door.