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Motivation Needed
04/18/2007 at 11:32 AM

My wife and I have been together for a few years. When we first met, I was a very athletic guy. I loved to run, play soccer and be outside. She's never been much of a health nut.

Over the past few years work has taken up a significant part of our lives. I barely have time to get home and cook dinner.

Part of our lack of motivation for exercising is that neither one of us are fat, or even chubby. We still have pretty high metabolisms. It's a blessing, but a curse too. My family has a high risk of diabetes and cancer, so i know physical activity will be a good thing.

Does anyone have ideas on how to jumpstart our physical activity?

You need to find out what the best time is for you to exercise. It may not be the same for you and your wife. If working out when you get home isn't an option, maybe you could get up an hour earlier to exercise. Or maybe you could make it to a gym during your lunch hour.


You're going to have to make exercise a priority in your lives, or it won't happen. Block off time on your calendar, and stick to it. Mix things up, too, so it stays interesting and has a cross-training effect. The real motivation is that the more you exercise, the more you'll want to do it, cause it just makes you feel so much better!


Maybe if you and your wife have time after work when you'd normally sit and watch tv, you could go for a walk together instead -- anything helps! Or if you take the bus or subway to work, get off a few stops before you normally would and walk the rest of the way to work. Do the same thing on your way home. Don't forget to take the stairs! If you and your wife are at all competitive, you could make a game out of getting more exercise. Whoever wins gets the prize of their choice!

Find something you both like to do....and do it!  Maybe join a volleyball or softball league....or just take an after dinner walk everyday.  Don't make excuses!  You know you can find 20-30 minutes everyday if you really want to! Make it a priority!....You might find it has many benefits!    :)


Check your local Y.M.C.A. They have so much there you won't believe it. For instance, classes to take together and to meet new people, weight machines to work on, exercise bikes,treadmills, ect..They also have a pool there where you can swim laps or join the aerobics classes. If you would like to try a sport check out and see about their volleyball team (its co-ed).In fact I've been playing one at my local "Y" for the first time and I've very much enjoyed it. Or ask about other activities.

It's great that you have one another for support. Maybe join a gym together or hire a personal trainer to start you on the right track again. Also, have you considered karate, swimming or bike riding? My husband and I used to be a lot more motivated as well, and I often say the same things to him. You both have to be mentally ready to do this, then the motivation will come. Make sure you keep a lot of fresh vegies and fruits in your home, and try to avoid junk foods. Use healthy oils like canola and olive oil when cooking, and try to cut down on your quantities. Once you get started, you'll be a lot more motivated to continue. Think of how much better you will feel when you do! Good luck!

What works for me is watching other people do fun things! like when i watch Star Wars i get so pumped up i just wanna go outside and be active. oh yeah also the Biggest Loser is good too! they actually do some pretty fun things that make me wanna go on a hike or compete with people in games! and i see how overweight they are and it motivates me to no look like that. try watching The Biggest Loser or Star Wars or any show or movie that gets you pumped up man!

try sports that you could do together and see what you like such as tennis, jogging, biking, skiing (perfect for little weekend getaways), ect. I have a 1.8 mile long figure 8 park by me and when the weathers nice we take a long walk through the park and a healthy picnic afterward. it could be fun!

My husband has the same problem-- he's naturally skinny and because of our veggie diet, it's difficult for him to motivate to work out cause he isn't fat, looks good in clothes (and out of them), but at 35 he started thinking that he needs to work out now or never be able to get it going. If you can afford it, do what he did-- he's paying to go to a personal trainer 3 times a week. He still hates working out but the motivation of some guy pushing him on has really helped! It's been six months and he's in the best shape of his life!

I found that when I am ticked off I can walk for an hour with no other motivation needed. Unfortunately, I have a sweet temper, I almost never get THAT mad.

I understand your perspective perfectly. I am the same way I have kids and sometimes i am just too worn out to work out lol. Me and my friends at work were talking about a video our job came up with(we work for a marketing company)that i found pretty funny. It's called Strong As Steel and it really highlights the extremes that busy people would go through to stay in shape in a funny way. People working out with appliances! The video is very cute hope it earns a laugh or two from you. Hey it even motivated me a bit lol.

Wii Fit is supposed to supply a good workout, and from what I hear, it's fun too. There's also many exercise DVDs you can buy to use at home. Either option is a lot cheaper than a gym membership or a personal trainer.

watch "pumping iron" before you go to the gym