07/24/2010 at 13:28 PM

When I was pregnant, my mother-in-law came to visit us. One day I had a doctor's appointment and an ultrasound. I brought the ultrasound pics home and showed them to her. Next day, I decided to put them away before leaving for work. I saw that out of 2 ultrasound pics, one was missing. I could not find it anywhere. My mother-in-law was in the kitchen and I suspected she had taken it. She knew I was looking for it but she did not say anything. Since she was flying back the same day, I knew I will never see that pic again if she indeed had taken it. I obviously did not want to embarass her by asking, so I asked my husband to ask her if she had taken it. And guess what, she went to her purse, took out the pic and gave it to my husband. She was trying to just sneak away with it. Since it was my first pregnancy, I wanted to save every ultrasound pic. So her attempt to take one was really annoying. I wonder how other women in my situation would feel.

i would be very upset too but being the type of woman i am i would have called my father in law and asked him about it and if he admitted to it i would have said well you need to pay for your own flight and i would tell my husband the same...he wouldn't have appreciated it if you would have done that for his family and then threw it up to him later...not only is that wrong it is childish..especailly the way i would have gone about it...your husband could have just been angry at the time and just said it out of shoud sit down and talk to him about it before you do anything else and maybe it would help more if you sat both him and his father down and explained your side and how it hurt u