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11/27/2010 at 15:31 PM

My oldest son is five-year-old, and I can only get him to eat a little bit of food throughout the day. I give him a vitamin, and pediasure in the am. Then I offer him meals at noon, and five pm. The only time I give him sweets is between lunch, and dinner. I also tell him if he eats good he can have nutritional snacks after breakfast, and dinner. We try to eat dinner as a family, but does not always happen. I often try to shut the tv off during meal times as well. I also try to offer him game time, or cartoon time if he finishes his dinner. I try to play the game "See who can get done quicker", or "You eat a bite, and then I eat a bite", or "sometimes I switch plates all together". Are these good ideas or not? Because overall sometimes he eats, and sometimes he does not. How can I get him to eat more? Should I still give him snacks if he does not eat his meal?

You might try a change. Perhaps offering foods every 3 hours, and including sweets as part of a main meal, instead of separately? Is your son growing, and a healthy weight?