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when will the baby get here
06/20/2009 at 14:09 PM

i will be a grandma for the first time this little girl is going to be 5th generation with a great-great=grandmother who is still with us holding on strong her wish is to be with us long enough for this little girl to get here for her to hold "she has stated so many times that she has to be here for this great great grandbaby .my daughter is due july 19th but was told last week that she is dilated 2 cm and 75% thin they say she can go anytime into labor from now until her due date i never dilated or even thinned before going into labor so im not really up on this ,my daughter says she has a real heavy discharge ,and has went walking everynight since she found out they say the baby is around 5 pounds and since she was a big 10 and half pound baby and her husband was a 9 pounder they will not stop the labor and they hop she goes within a few wks .as for us we are doing all we know to do from begging to walking to get her to come out !! we know she will when ready but we try anyways .has anyone ever dilated early and had this much discharge and if so how much longer did you have to wait for the baby .we found out from a call last night that her great great grandmother is not doing so great even though she has made the promise to be here to hold her granddaughter we worry my daughter wants more than anything for her to hold the baby ,see her before moving on we say prayers please just a while longer her great grandmother is 98 she still walks but not well but her last wish is to hold this baby i just hope she will get it .

About a wk before my son was born, I lost my mucus plug. I remember a discharge like you described. So if what you're talking about is the same thing, it's only a matter of time. I wldn't rush the process, though. The baby will come when she's ready. I hope the great, great grandma gets to hold the baby. That wld be so great. Just remember, w/ every book that closes, a new one opens. Whatever happens, you will always have beautiful memories, both old and new. Enjoy the little bundle of joy when she comes.