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How many C-Sections?
09/22/2009 at 13:08 PM

I had an emergency C-Section with my only child. I have heard that you can only have like 3 total. We also have to have c-sections from now on because of insurance reasons. I was hoping to have at least four babies. Is it possible? What is the problem with having repeated c-sections? Any comments are welcome!

The best thing to do is talk to a doctor you trust and discuss it and explain your history! Goodluck.


My sister had 4 c-sections, the first was an emergency.  I understood, but I could be wrong, that the problem was that the surgical scars made the uterus more likely to rupture or tear.  I have also heard of others who had natural births after a c-section.  Do talk to your Dr.  Get a second opinion, too.  Go with the option that is safest for you, your children deserve a mom!

I never had a number of children in mind, which may explain why I have six.  While I was pregnant with #4, my doctor brought up tubal ligation.  After the delivery, he asked if I had decided to have it done.  I said no.  He said "one of them has to be the last one."

I said, "yes, but not this one!"  He just laughed.


I had an emergency C-Section as well, but that was with my third child. My first child had died from pre-mature birth, my second child  I had without any trouble. Then with my third child, for some unknown reason, the doctor gave me a C- Section. (It was not my doctor.) My doctor had told me later, there was no reason for the C-Section. To make a long story short, the doctor,a female, cut me up and down. Not the traditional bikini cut. This left no choice but to have C-Sections from then on. That doctor told me I could not have  any more babies or I would rupture. My doctor said "Oh Yah?"  He took the old scare tissue out each time. I have had 10 C-Sections, and the doctor says everything still looks great if I want more. I never thought I would have this many children, but which one would I give back? So have hope, I was told the limit was 8. So much for that. If God is willing, and you are as well, it all works out.


my mother in law had 7 they told her no more after 6 she did anyway the uterus burst becouse it was weak due to all the scar tissue she almost lost the baby and her self thank god it was in the 9th month and she realized immediatly and woke up


Hi Godsgirl,

I have had 4 c-sections! I did everything to prepare for natural vaginal childbirth! All in vain it turned out after 22 + hours we had a c-section.  I wish I had looked harder for a midwife in our area(very limited 13 yrs ago). I was told that 8 were possible w/ my bikini cut. I will tell you though that for me after the fourth baby I had a little harder time. It was a little more painful. 

We have a Hospital that probably most have. After  a c-section that you must have them every time.  The liability is their concern.  With increased risk of a bursting uterus and possible loss of life for both mama(bleeding to death for want of a better phrase) and baby. They say that the uterus is weakened at the incision site where the scar tissue is.  Not to mention the repeated slicing of your stomach muscles each time.  But they are sooo worth it even on days one is whining like right now. I hope that is helpful.  Our fifth baby has just began growing! I am excited, it seems so surreal right now ! I feel so blessed by the Lord! 


I had seven c-sections all of them were fine my children are ages 25,23,19.5,18,16,11,and 3 my first  I was 17 years old it was an emergency due to my heart the last was when I was 40 I am now 43 and having another one it depends on your doctor and hospital on what they allow.


all i know is that my mom had six, they told her to stop after the second one and she still kept going. the last child samantha she almost burst with tho and was in the hospital for like a month. so i guess it all depends on how much ur body can take.


i have had four c-section and two natural births. my first two were c-sections, my second two were natural and my last two were c-sections. well i am no longer with there father, but the man im with now is my first husband. and i want a baby by my husband, and i want a baby by my husband, so i need to know that is it possible for me to get my tubes untied after four years and have a baby with my husband.

I've had 4 c's and would really want another baby. You are so blessed to be able to have 10! Doctor is saying she recommends not to have anymore. She said it was hard getting threw the scar tissue. She didn't say the uterus was thinned,just scarring was a mess. I asked her to be my doctor on the next one, she said she would call me back and she didn't want to put me a risk or her at risk. Should I get a another doctor and if so how do I find one? Please help

Wow, 4's a lot! I can't even imagine 10! God bless you'll. If you really want another baby, get a 2nd opinion. If you trust this current dr., though, maybe she's right. Everyone's different. You don't want to put yourself at risk. I think if you do get a 2nd opinion, and that dr agrees w/ your present physician, you shld take their advice. You have 4 children now. Think of all the women who can't even get pregnant. I wish you the best w/ whatever you decide.

I have to kids a 41/2 year old girl and a 4 month old boy and I had a Emergency C-section with my daughter @ 36 weeks because the cord was wrapped around her neeck 3 times and a Schedule C-section with my son @ 41 weeks and 4 days because i was overdue. So if i get pregnant again id have to have a automatic Scheduled C-section

Without a doubt repeat c-sections carry great risk for both mom and baby due to the build up of scar tissue and the possibility of uterus rupture. I'd ask for advice from a doctor that supports VBACs if at all possible.

i have had child and he was a c-section because i guess my pelvis bones are shaped wrong and cant pass babysss(kinda weird huh?) i was told i was only able to have 3, oddly that was the number of kids i wanted befor raising 2 kids now....well.....i want as meny as god will give me now, but i also know i want to be there for them so im very worryed about it and have been very carfull not to be pregnate for a few years.

hello, i had my first c-section on my first baby , she is now 2 years and 5 months old , and i am 30 weeks pregnant, so my expectation due date will be on August 29, 2013. Is it possible that i delivered normal? because i don't like CS , but the doctor said, CS is always a CS, but i ask to the midwife, she said that i can be probably normal. Is it possible?

I have had 4 C-sections. The first was an emergency, after a long labor (my hips weren't wide enough). The next 3 were precautionary, and my hospital didn't want the liability. With that being said, there are some hospitals that will do a V-BAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). It just depends on how your body does during the pregnancy, scar tissue you may have...etc. Good luck