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How do you feel about labor?
05/22/2007 at 22:26 PM

Hey All,


I have to tell you my favorite part of my entire pregnancy was actually giving birth.  I know, I know, a lot of people say I am crazy.  But there was something very magical about labor and delivery to me.  And I hated waiting all those months of being pregnant but the labor wasn't so long that I couldn't see the wonderful pay-off at the end.


How do all of you feel about labor?



hi marti Labour wow am i scared to go through it again. i had to have an emergency c-section after 24 hours of labour in total i was in labour for 26 and a half hours. i am scared of that happening agian. I pushed for two hours before i told the doctor that something was wrong and that i couldn't push. i had had an epidural and i couldn't feel a thing. after about an hour i started to feel this horrible pian on my right side in my hip but i felt nothing on the left side. i countinued to puch and everytime i did it felt like my hip was going to dislocate. after the c-section the doctors told me that if i had kept pushing i would have killed my daughter or given her serious brain damage. but was it all worth it yes. would i do it again yes. i love being pregnant and i love being a mom. i don't think that your crazy becuas even in the situation i was in to see her beautiful perfect little face made it all worth it

Hey nibbies,


I imagine going through all that and a c-section is enough to make you scared of labor.  Has your doctor said whether or not they believe you can do a vaginal birth the next time or will you go with the c-section again this time.


I am sure that if I had had to go through a c-section, especially an unplanned one I would have felt differently about labor.  When I was pregnant my biggest fear was a c-section---I don't know why but that worried me the most.




I spent years being afraid of another labor after my first one was traumatic (oh, how I wish I'd had a doula...) but now that I've learned why things went wrong  and ended in a cesarean, I've started working on the fear in order to improve the outcome next time...

I am doing a lot of reasearch about how to prevent cesareans, and in addition I'm avoiding care givers who don't follow the principles of evidence based care. If they won't support me avoiding another surgery, I won't hire them!

So this time I am assembling a birth team that believes in natural birth, won't perform procedures based on "policy" and can offer me lots of coping methods if I need them. I'm also using a hypnosis childbirth method to help me stay relaxed. is a great site for information about how to avoid a cesarean and how to know if your caregiver is supportive of vbac.


Hey velcro,


I was lucky that I didn't have to have a c-section.  My sister-in-law and I were talking about this today---I get so mad when doctors insist that women have c-sections because they had one already.  I am a big believer in having a vaginal birth after c-section.  C-sections should be used in emergency situations where there is no other choice especially for women who want to avoid c-sections.




I gave bith at a US Military facility.  My plan was to have medication but the military md's thought I was in premature labor, so I sat in the hallway for 4 hours of my labor.  The next 6 hours were in a bed but no doctors attending.   Once a doctor did show up it was time to push and medication would have been harmful at that point.  Therefore my childbirth was %100 med free.

I LOVED IT.  If I have a second I want a natural birth.

I needed to only stay in the hospital one night and I was jogging in two days.  The labor was PAINFUL but after my son was out, I WAS FINE.  There was no pain after and I was back to my normal self in 4 days. 

MY ADVICE is to walk everyday of your pregnancy, it will help %100 the labor process.  Your body will be more prapared. 

1. you must excercise during pregnancy!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Eat healthy, no need to EAT FOR TWO!

3.  Rub your entire body with coco butter EVERY NIGHT

4. Drink Tons of water


      As a mother of three, I can truly say that  the most  difficult times for me in all three pregnacies, were the last two months of being pregnant .  I had medication with my first two ,but my last baby which by the way was born  at a whopping  9 pounds 11 ounces no c-section ,was by far the most dificult to push because he did not want to come down .So finally after 2 hours of just pushing him downthe birth canal there was another 2 hours pushing him out but as soon as he was delivered I  didnt have any more pain and I believe it was worth it .as far as recovery Iguess it depends on your doctors advice and your body  .oh yes I do believe in coco butter every night during and after pregnancy.


I never had any children, but I don't think I would have gone through it. When I was 13, there was an episode of the Bill Cosby show where a woman gave birth during a thunderstorm, and that sparked one of the reasons that I chose not to have any kids. I have had a fear of thunderstorms ever since I was a kid, and if that ever  happened in real life, I'd be scared.

Labour is terrible, do you hear what it is called? LABOUR.The only part of being pregnant is the end, where you recieve the baby in your arms and you're just overwhelmed with the magic of it all, but the pain before makes you fell like you could kill. Anyway thats my experience. 

What about you?



Im looking forward to Labour again I think as long as you go in calm and collected then you'll be fine. With my son 7 months ago,I had nothing to help with the pain but was still able to tell jokes and laugh right upto the point where my body started telling me to push. I guess everyone is diffrent in how they handle things like pain im not gonna lie The contractions were worse than the actual delivery of him. it couldnt have been that bad im doing it again in 28 weeks time lol x

terrified that everything will go wrong, but excited to see my lovely daughter .. cant wait