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had a little trouble befor, help?
01/13/2010 at 17:08 PM

need a little imput to a important desicion.

ok i have had a baby befor and my husband and i have been talking about another. with my first one the time i was pregnate it was perfect, had no problems at all...until delivery. i dident feel contractions, dident know i was in labor till i was in active labor. my uterus is the right like really close to my right hip, that haddent caused a problem or was even noticed till basicly after. i dont know if that anything to do with it but i could ive birth to my son. i pushed for almost 4 hours then they gave me two choices. they could ''try'' and suck him out with not garentee he would make it, or i could have a c-section and there would be a better chance of him liveing.
im wondering that since it was all to the right did that mess up my delivery?
i would really like to do a vbac and able...i think. i dont know yet if my pelvis bone is to small or if it was the placement of ''oven''...lol?
i had a horable recovery in the hospital cause while i was out cold in the recovery room all the family came and saw the baby and i saw him for a little more then 5 min then the people took him the night. i dont want to repeat that.

Have you been able to bond with your first child? Although early contact helps people to bond, most people manage even if they have to be separated for medical reasons.

there was a bit of problem with the attchment time at the hospital but after we went home it was great and im all he ever wants. im just worryed because my husband and i have been talking about another but i was hurt the last delivery and i fear of the whole things happening again. i want to try vbac but i have no clue if i can. my uteris is to the right of body and located oddly and i dident knoe if the place ment is what caused my c-section or if indeed my hips are to close together.

What does your doctor think?