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Dads and delivery
06/03/2007 at 23:02 PM

Hey All


I had a very good friends who just had a baby a couple of weeks ago.  Well, the father passed out when his wife was receiving the epidural, I mean, he literally passed out on the floor.


How did your husband handle the labor and delivery or how do you think they will handle it?



My husband handled it fine, but he'd gone to a childbirth education class with me before hand and so he pretty much knew what to expect. I highly recommend taking a childbirth education class together. They had one at the hospital I delivered at, and it was totally covered by insurance.  


With our first child my husband did great during labor but during it i noticed that all eyes and attention were off me and on my husband and when i looked over he was white as a ghost,they had him sit down,gave him a washcloth and some juice..lolI was like HELLO!!!Im in labor over

My husband was a trooper. W/ both our children, I had a vaginal delivery. The first time around, I cld tell my husband was pretty nervous. At the sight of my son's head, his expression was that of utter shock and amazement. He was also very pale. My husband is not much of a talker, but after my son was born, he cldn't stop talking. I don't know if it was nerves or excitement or what. Also, when it came to cutting the umbilical cord, he almost chickened out. My husband's hand was shaking so much, I didn't think he'd be able to do it. Somehow, though, he managed to pull himself together and cut the cord. What an incredible experience for both of us!

Yes,My husband was just with me on every moment. He stayed with me in House and hospital as well until i got baby , He was the first family member who hold my baby. I liked his behavior at all.