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birth classes
11/30/2011 at 23:54 PM

if i didnt take any classes on childbirth will it make a difference? im 34 weeks and i havent taken any class at all.

You'll be calmer if you take the classes. It helps to have some idea of what to expect. While people 2 generations ago had babies without going to classes, they also were more likely to have been at home when a baby was delivered, were more likely to have seen the births of animals.

The classes help reduce anxiety. We took a class before each of our kids were born.

Oh ok thank you. I am nervous and afraid. I don't want any complicatons. I am hoping everything will be ok.

I've had six children, my first when I was 19 years old. The biggest adventure was #6, The umbilical cord was wrapped (not tightly) around her neck, and the doctor sort of had her do this gymnastic routine while he untangled her. The cord was about 5 feet long, because she had been wrapped in it for a long time and it kept growing longer so it wasn't tight around her.

This pregnancy thing works out well for everybody almost all of the time.

at what week should birth classes starts

Child birth classes are important just to help you prepare for child birth. But child birth classe are now being dropped as the expecting women go for knowledge gain on TV, magazines and internet. But for the first time mom it’s still important since it teaches you about pain relief, demystify hospital procedures, and provide a forum for questions you forgot to ask your ob-gyn.