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afraid of taking the epidural
11/15/2013 at 00:27 AM

I am 14 weeks pregnant with my first child. I know its a little soon to be worried about labor and delivery too much, but I am really freaking out over it. I definitely want the epidural because I have absolutely no pain tolerance. However, I am a lightweight and it does concern me that it gives me a higher chance of bleeding out and other complications. I feel like it is the right decision for me, but I definitely am afraid of some severe consequences. Can anyone vouch for the epidural that perhaps is also a lightweight? Any advice from any mother who has taken it will also be helpful too!

With my first one, I was too far along in delivery to get the eppi. All I got was morphine which really did nothing but almost get me addicted right from the first dose. That first delivery was brutal. Even though I wanted the epidural, I couldn't have it! When #2 came along, I put my foot down! Epidural all the way. I actually "enjoyed" the delivery process that time. What a difference. Trust me, you might be all about "natural childbirth" now but when you get closer to the time you're going to be like, "GET THIS THING OUT OF ME!!! Shoot me up!!!" Suddenly the epidural will be much more attractive.

I had epidural with all my 3 kids. I have to agree with insomnimom that you would enjoy the delivery process. Everything was really smooth. However, an extra precautionary advice your OB and Anesthesiologist should be an expert on that kind of procedure.