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Kindergartener who hates school
10/05/2010 at 00:35 AM

My granddaughter is 5 years old. She went to 3 and 4 year old preschool and we never had a problem. She is very smart and does the work that is asked of her. She excels in everything she does. We have had about 1½ months of Kindergarten this year and it is tearing me up. When I wake her in the morning, she cries that she doesnt want to go to school. I ask her why and she says because she doesnt like PE. I actually have to dress her kicking and screaming and pull her off me to put her on the bus. When I pick her up from school until bedtime she worries constantly about the next day. Does she have school?? She will ask me this question at least twenty times every evening. When I say yes she starts her worrying and crying again. She bites her nails and worries probably 4-6 hours every evening about what tomorrow brings. It is wearing me out. She has asthma and when she spends that much time crying it causes her to have alot of mucus buildup. So when she finally does get to sleep it doesnt take long until she is up wheezing and coughing and vomiting mucus all night. So we worry all day and are up all night with this problem. I have even been considering home schooling her. I have taken her from one school and moved her to another already this year and I am having the same issue there. It all seems to stem from PE class. Please anyone have any suggestions??!!

Have you gone to the school to address these issues?

She may have had an exercise induced asthma episode at PE, which has made her very anxious and put her in a vicious cycle where PE is concerned. I wonder if she had the asthma episode, which made her anxious, which makes her have another episode. I'd get her to a doctor, get her excused from PE for a month or so, and teach her some relaxation techniques AND have her use her inhaler immediately BEFORE she goes to PE when she starts again.

We had another episode in the wee hours of the night last night and then again this morning. I sent the bus on and took her to town myself. We went in and had a talk with her principal and he took us to see the PE teacher. We then visited with the school counselor. The counselor is going to go to PE class with her until she feels comfortable going. So we shall see what tomorrow brings.

Excellent job of being proactive. Hope these interventions take care of the issue.

Ok this is getting to me. She slept very well last night and then upon waking her up this morning it started again. She went into her fit of not going again and I had to fight her to get her dressed. I sent the bus on and took her to town again today. When we got there, she latched on and wouldn't let go. She was screaming at the top of her lungs not to stay and go to PE. The counselor and principal told me to leave her and it would be ok. I left her there screaming with them. I sat out front and called back about 15 minutes later and the secretary said that the counselor had taken her to the classroom. This is not healthy for her. She didn't eat anything this morning and all that screaming and crying can not make her feel good the rest of the day. I am very worried for her. What do I do?

Until you get a doctor's note, the school staff is obligated to send her to PE. They don't have any room for professional discretion. Also, if she is not with the rest of the class, they have to provide supervision and alternative activities. You'd think it wouldn't be a big deal, but it is. Get a note from a doctor.