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Kendall as a girls name
07/30/2010 at 17:45 PM

My husband and I finally agreed on the name Kendall for our soon to be born daughter. However, after being on the internet trying to figure out a middle name, I see a lot of people saying it's a boys name. I knew it was a unisex name but to me it is still more of a girls name. Opinions please!!!

In my opinion it is better to stay away from unisex names. Any name that would cause someone hearing or reading the name to wonder if the person was male or female is just too ambiguous.

First, you can name your child anything you want. That being said. I would stay away from a unisex name. When I here the name Kendall I think of the motor oil.(Sorry, but that's the first thing that came to mind) Don't forget that the child will have to live with that name their whole life. I'd stick with a traditional/feminine name. So what if thousands of others have that name. Each person is different regardless of their name. Character counts more than a name. I have a friend who named a girl Sienna. She is now in school and gets picked on because of it. The taunts are: Hey were you named after a car? Good luck finding a name. I am also going through the process.

I know female and male Kendalls, people in their 40's so it has been a unisex name for a long name, and it is one that does not really sound too masculine for a girl or too feminine for a boy. If you are in total agreement on that name for your daughter, choose a definately feminine middle name!

its a girl name and i like it what about kendal lane