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just a quick introdcution
11/29/2010 at 10:59 AM

its always polite to say hi and smile, thats what my mum taught me and thats what my kids are learning. so here i am (smiling, though you cant see that!)
i have joined this site for advice with my kids, i need a place to vent (though rare) and to be unafraid to ask those questions that often i am too worried to ask for fear that someone will think me a bad mother... so please dont judge and if you have the time; your help in answering any of my posts will be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the boards hannah! Please stick around and post as much as you would like. We are glad to have you here!! Marti http://www.familyeducation.com/home/

Pleased to meet you Hannah although I admit I don't get in here very often these days. It is a good place to air your views and get other opinions and help for any problems you may have.

thanks for your welcomes, very kind of you