Joint Custody and she's uncoorperative
09/26/2010 at 16:19 PM

If anyone has some advise PLEASE HELP!!

My ex and I are newly divorced - we were separated for about 1.5 years and have been divorced for 6 months.

We have joint legal/physical custody of our 4 year old son.

She continues text me constantly about everything (our son drinking soda, our marriage, my family, etc.) - have received upwards of 40 text messages in one day.

She is refusing the enroll our son in preschool and continues to make up reasons as to why she can't (i.e. I may not pay so she has to make sure she can pay it fully herself, though I've always paid out current daycare provider on time, that she doesn't want to enroll him in one school and then have him at a different after school program once he starts kindergarten, said she can't afford it right now though I've offered paying the whole thing until she is back at work (since she's currently out on maternity leave with her boyfriend's child) and have had no success.

She continues to tell me since she has 52% of his time that he is going to be enrolled in the school district she's in and her atty informed her that she doesn't need to discuss it with me.

I constantly try and make meetings to discuss any activities our son can do (sports, learning, etc.) and she always cancels one me.

I don't know what to do. I feel like I try and try to work things out with her to make decisions about our son but she continues to stall or agrees to something then in a week changes her mind.