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Interactive & Inspirational
08/23/2010 at 15:56 PM

A friend at work told me about a new title released this year in May, Back When for Now, written by Marissa Madrid. My curiosity was peaked when she described details of the book and how it was bringing new found closeness between her and teen daughter (never thought they could get closer as the beautiful family they are). So, I decided to purchase a copy toward the middle of June and I couldn't be more pleased. There are many activities that can be modified for various ages, recipes, resources, and so inspirational! I have found myself not just doing the activities with my kids, but even using some of the writing in my personal life as a mother and professional. This wonderful and sometimes humorous piece is on my holiday list for 12 people in counting. I just ordered a copy of the author's previous title which sounds a little more adult/serious natured...but based on this latest one, I bet it's worth taking a look. Hope everyone enjoys "BWFN" as much as my family has.