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Will standing my 2month old make her bow legged.
06/29/2008 at 23:54 PM

This might sound like a stupid question but my daughter is 2 1/2 months old and my husband and I stand her up. We hold her up by her underarms to stand her and she seems to enjoy it. My concern came the other day when my mom and mother in law saw my husband holding our baby up and they said we were going to make her bow legged because she is too young to be standing and her legs arn't strong enough to hold support her weight.  Has anyone ever heard this? I would ask a Dr. but my daughters next appointment isn't for another month and a half. I guess I just want to be reassured that Im not hurting my daughters legs and that she wont end up bow legged simply cause i didnt take my moms addvice.

It's an old wives tale. If she enjoys standing, let her do it.

Like singldad says, an old wives tale. She is stretching and strenghthening her legs after being curled up so long in the womb. As long as you give her enough support for her back and head I don't see any problem with it.

I stood all my children up as you describe, as well as my grandbabies, and none of them are the least bit bow-legged. Enjoy your new little one!