Why didn’t they have that when…?
04/11/2011 at 13:45 PM

This happens to everyone. You come across something and wonder, 'Why didn't they have that when...'. So this thread is dedicated to that.
And, it happened to me the other day. I came across this baby monitor, and wondered, 'why didn't they have that when my babies were little?' The PREE BabyM.A.T. has video and sound like others, but also monitors the heart and breathing rate, all wirelessly. It also sends you an alert if the breathing or heart rate drops low, and lets you initiate a vibration stimulation to awaken them enough(think sleep apnea). I wish I would have had something like that 10 years ago. It would have saved me from the paranoia of SIDS, and getting up to check on my son several times a night. I suppose its just the natural progression of technology though.

Being a parent isn't that hard - - - if you've seen lots of good parenting as you've grown up, if you aren't exhausted all the time because you are trying to provide basic necessities of life on minimum wage income, if you aren't being sabotaged by an uncooperative partner, and if your child is neurotypical and healthy. I had 4 out of 5 of those nailed, there was only one thing I lacked. Being a good parent was extremely hard for about 10 years.


Single parents experience things very differently, based on their gender.

The assumption is that Dad must have gone to the wall fighting for custody, he must really love the kid, he must be a concerned parent, he must know how to discipline the child.

The assumption is that Mom got custody because--maybe she didn't even know who the dad was, she picked some loser to get pregnant with, she's lazy, she's a loser, and she lets her kid walk all over her.


Families headed by single moms get sabotaged by this prejudice, even if they became single moms when they were widowed. It would help if those of us who are fortunate enough to be in better circumstances were less judgmental and more compassionate.

It would be good to examine the sexist prejudice exemplified by statements like this.

"Some need to ask themselves, are they parents or just someone who laid down and had a baby for fun and attention..."


I became a single parent because my ex chose to leave his family for a younger woman. I was my children's best friend from the start, and am honered that they both as adults continue to view me as their best friend. Successful parenting is about mutual respect, not disciplinary methods.


Ray, you stated that your children come from a broken home. Do your children reside with you the majority of the time?


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