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When the old reliable sleep routine wont work for 2yr old
01/14/2008 at 22:11 PM

My 2 1/2 yr old was a pro with his sleep routine; lights dimmed, bath, book, milk/cookie, sleep... For the past 2 wks he goofs off anywhere from 30 min-2 hrs: opening closing door, getting up, playing with toys! The complication here is that he's got his 8month old brother in the same room and I am at a loss at how to change up the routine without messing up the routine and/or waking the baby! (our place is real small, so not many options. we dont even watch tv at night to not create another distraction!) What's crazy is that even if my 2 yr old falls asleep at 10pm (8:30pm former sleep time) he's still up at 7am! Should I just have him go to sleep later cause limiting his afternoon nap time hasnt done the trick either. Ah--what to do? Help this tired momma of two!

Is it winter where you are?  Try to get the little feller lots of physical activity.  We used to go to a big store and Sadie would run the aisles up and down and up and down.  I would just stand in the middle and give her high fives.


Don't limit his afternoon nap as if he gets over tired, it will be more difficult for him to get off to sleep. I work with 2 year olds and often parents discuss their sleep routines. There does seem to be a big change in sleep routines at this age so he is perfectly normal. He also now has a little brother who is getting bigger and more 'visible' too.
Over here in Britain, we have aromatherapy bubble bath for children which has natural ingredients such as lavender and camomile.I am sure you must have it too. It might be worth giving it a try. You could also use essential oils in the room which might help. Use a diffuser. Lavender and camomile are both suitable. What about his diet? Is he eating anything which could make him a bit more hyper? Cookies at bedtime might not be a good idea. Milk is a food in itself.
Is his room dark enough when he goes to bed? Don't know where you live and how long daylight lasts there. Maybe thicker curtains would help, or blinds.
Good luck.