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When did you start solids?
04/23/2007 at 15:48 PM

Just curious to see when people started their infants on solid foods.

My daughter is almost 6 months, and her pediatrician gave the okay to start rice cereal at 4 months. We waited to start until 5 1/2 months, and have also tried oatmeal.

We're going to start solids other than cereal/oatmeal soon. I'm thinking sweet potatoes to start. Any suggestions on a good first food?

Hi mommaya,

My niece just started to eat solids and she loves carrots and pears. She also likes sweet potatoes and bananas. My sister tried giving her avocado, and she hated it! I think anything that has some sweetness to it is what she likes the most. Good luck!


Hey mommaya, I am not sure it matters which baby foods you start with, you just need to add them in one at a time, wait a few days before adding a different one. That way you can see how your daughter reacts to each food before adding another one. Let us know how it goes. Marti

Thanks, Marti. We decided on sweet potatoes to start based on what I read from Super Baby Foods. We haven't started yet, as she's been sick, so we wanted to wait.

Thanks for the advice on waiting a few days. We'll definitely be doing that!


I have 2 kids that are past the babyfood stage but neither of them cared much for store bought babyfood. We found that putting fruits or cooked veggies in the blender (with a little of the water they were cooked in) and then putting the pureed food into ice cube trays in the freezer made wonderful single serving babyfood cubes. After the cubes were solid I kept them in a freezer bag. It saved a lot of money and my kids loved it. You can also do this with pasta or meat. But the fruits and veggies worked the best.