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Whats happening???
07/19/2007 at 05:37 AM

My son has just turned 5 months, since he was a month old, he's been sleeping pretty well at nights, giving me at least 6 straight hours and then 2 hr intervals between feedings for a total of 10 hrs.  All of a sudden, two hours has become a luxury.  Last night was the second night this week that he has woken up every hour to feed. . . he stays relatively asleep as long as he's feeding and screems histarically if i try to rock him back to sleep without feeding him.  At first I tought it was the comfort thing but he's actually eating for a t least 15 minutes each time.  by the time he gets up in the morning, I have no milk left in either breast!!!  Other nights he wakes up every 2 hrs to feed and feeds for at least 30 min.  he still goes to bed at the same time and wakes up at the same time everyday but its the inbetween!  I thought that maybe my milk wasn't enough and he needed to start on baby food, so I have started to give him a meal of rice cereal at 5 pm (he goes to sleep at 8 pm)  He's really taken to it but its not changing the night sequence at all.  Should I start supplementing three times a day?  During the day he doesn't feed more often then usual, and to be honest, I'm not ready to be supplementing, I love feeding my little one!! So if thats not the problem, I would rather not start supplementing more than I already have.  I'm starting to get desperate!  I'm not getting any sleep!!!!! and daytime naps have never been his thing!!!  I'm nautious all day and feel like I could pass out.  He's a very active baby, and I'm losing my strength during the day!!! 




This is very normal! He is growing thats all. Most pediatricians will tell you to start rice cereal around 6 months but they will also tell you that every child is different, maybe your's is a big eater. Mine was, well is. He started cereal at 5 months as well. I would give it to him once a day for three days, then twice a day for three days until we were up to three times a day. I gave him his last feeding of cereal and milk about 45 min before bath and bed and he slept all night. If he is ready to eat more or less he will let you know and it sounds like he is saying "more, more".