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What would you do? kid's fighting
03/17/2011 at 19:45 PM

I came to my son's Elementary school Because I needed to talk to the manager.
he was busy, and I had to wait for him.
really close to me I heard an argument between two children.
more or less it was like this (the names I invented).
david: Why did you throw sand on my brother?
dan: Because I want and it's not your business!
david: It's yes my business and stop to be an arrogant
dan: I do want to be an arrogant
This time again dan takes his handful of gritty with sand and throw them again on the brother of david
david Jumped on Dan laid him on the ground and sat on his stomach, while he was holding his hands.
david: stop to bothering my brother
dan: I will not stop
david: I do not envy you if you will bothering him any more
david got off of dan and began to move away.
just a A few minutes later dan started again to threw sand on david's brother
David heard his brother cries and return back to help his brother
This time he teach to dan a lesson
He again sat on dan's stomach and hold his hands. and told him that till the end of the Break He won't release him.
dan got mad and started to run wild, but david was stronger than him and he got off of him just when the bell announcing the end of the Break and the time to go back to class.

I do not intervened because there was not really a 'beat', and I am not Their teacher.
but mainly because at that time seemed to me that there is justice, dan is bothering david's brother. and david is Teaching him that it was not worth him that he would take care on him.

What do you think on this Issue

kids do fight with each other. I guess it is part of normal bringing up.Even my kids fight like that.