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What kind of thermometer?
07/17/2007 at 16:35 PM

I am due in a little over two weeks and I am trying to
pick up a few last minute things.One of
the things I need to get is a thermometer.I have read about which ones are best but I wanted to see what some real
mothers thought before I go off and get one.So what kind are you using and how much do you like it?Thanks!

My mom gave me a new kind of thermometer a month or so ago called the Thermofocus. It uses infrared light to take little J's temp without even having to touch him. I have even taken his temp while he was sleeping without ever disturbing him.  All you have to do is get it about 2-3 inches from his forehead and it gives you his temperature.  It says on the box that it is as accurate as a rectal thermometer but I have only compared it with a normal thermometer using my husband as the test subject (at least he serves some purpose) and found it to be right on.  Anyways, I absolutely love it so far.
I am not sure where my mom got it from, but if anyone is interested I can ask and find out.