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what to do about my three week old baby
10/02/2007 at 16:33 PM

my baby is  three weeks old and i think she might be constipated she is grunting and crying like crazy she also throws up when she is pushing i have just put her off my breast and put her on formula if someone could give me some advice on how i could fix this i would really appreacaite it

my daugter was like that to ,talk to her doctor but with mine her doctor told me to mix half oz pear juice and half oz water every morning for her it worked by 1 week she was fine sorry im not that much help but it worked for her she is 10 months now has'nt had anymore problems yet


not to scare you, but I would  bring her to the doctor.It is probably nothing major, but I would rule out any bowel obstruction or intasuception of the bowel. The pain and the vomiting concerns me.My daughter required surgery at 6 months and is fine. DONT panic, but have it checked out. susan


Hi everyone,

My daughter is now 3 months.. however when she was 4 weeks she was having an issue moving her bowels.

Her Pediatrician reccomended KAROL syrup in her bottle. 2 Teaspoons per feeding .
Its a natural method to relieve constipation.

You can find the syrup in the baking aisle.

It worked for us.. and I keep it on hand in the refrigerator.

Good Luck!


I used to have the same problem with my daughter but it wasn't so young. I don't think she had problems till she was about a month or more older. I used to give her watered down prune juice bottles and this worked sometimes. As she got older and refused to drink the prune juice (because it is pretty gross) I had to give her a suppository. I hated doing this and it was only used as a last  resort. She had problems till she was completely potty trained and now there are no issues. Good luck! I know it seems really frustrating right now but you'll get through it. Make sure you take her to the doctor first.