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what can i do to help my daughter eat
05/21/2007 at 00:49 AM

My daughter is 16 months. we wake up around 8:30 every morning we have the same routine before breakfast that takes about 10 minutes i have tried what i feel like is everything. i have looked on more websites then imaginable for ideas to get her to eat but in the end i am worried that she is hungry and i give her her bottle that is homo milk. our schedule is the same every day and no matter what i prepare for every meal she just wants her bottle. Her bowel movements are still soft. i went to see my doctor about it and she gave me more then enough things to try getting her to eat but she won't eat it. the solids she does eat are her snack which are crakers and fruit. and when we are at granparents houses they feed her chocolate which she will eat all night if they let her so i asked them not to do it anymore but every time i'm not looking i turn around and her face is cover in chocolate again i am worried sick and frustrated anybody got anything for me

Hey nibbies,


It sounds like to me that she really likes her milk and is using that to fill herself up.  I think you are going to have to force the issue and cut out so much of the milk.  She knows that if she doesn't eat that you will give her the bottle.  I would talk to the doctor again and see what advice the doctor has about her not eating at all.  Another thing to try is to cook things in a fun way, I used food coloring on eggs and all sorts of things to make them exciting and fun.  Also, you may have to tell her that she can't have her milk until she eats 3 bites of this and 2 bites of that or something like that.


Anyone else have any ideas?






Try giving her lots of foods that she can eat herself. Cut down on the milk. She won't starve and when she does get hungry she will eat something. Crackers and fruit were a good way to start. Also try Kix or Cheerios or the generic equivalent. They are fortified with vitamins and my 17 month old loves them. He also likes hot dogs that are cut up into little pieces and little cheese cubes (but you might want to limit the dairy products.) Let her feed herself as much as you can. Be patient with her and with yourself. Good luck.