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What are your thoughts on circumcision?
08/20/2008 at 09:57 AM

I'm a mom to 3 kids- 2 of whom are boys and we circumcised.  To be honest, it wasn't really a question for us of whether to circumcise or not.  Or rather we didn't really consider why we shouldn't circumcise.  The reason I ask is because my brother has decided not to circumcise his son.  This was pretty upsetting to my parents...they kept talking about the health benefits.  I had read in a lot of parenting books that there really were no concrete health benefits to it, but then they insisted that if he wanted to do it later when he was older it would be even more painful and traumatic.  Apparently, my grandfather wasn't circumcised until he was thirteen and it was a very traumatic and painful experience.  I found a great website that addresses this issue- www.opposingviews.com/questions/should-boys-be-circumcised.  There's a really great debate from both sides...anyone's thoughts or experiences with this?

We decided not to circumcise, although it was a tough decision. But I am very happy with our choice not to. There's really no medical reason to do it, plus why put your baby through that pain and trauma? Only about 50% of baby boys in the US are circumcised now, so there's not a big social factor. They'll be in good company whatever you decide to do. Our son was premature and very small -- too small to do a circumcision at birth, which is what we had planned originally. We had to wait a month or two and then make an appointment with a pediatric surgeon. Well, since we had the time to wait and think about it some more we decided not to go ahead with it. Why cut something off that our son was born with that was perfectly healthy? Why inflict that trauma on him? In my opinion the only pro to circumcision is that a circumcised man may be less likely to contract some sexually transmitted diseases. But I don't think that's a reason to do it. You should practice safe sex to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, not expect that a circumcision will keep you safe.

One other response to the original poster. If your nephew decides to get a circumcisn later, it will be a surgical procedure and he will be under anasthesia. It will actaully be a lot more humane than if they did it as a baby in the delivery room.

We decided to circumcise both our boys. We never thought otherwise. I always heard it's easier to keep the area clean if you're circumcised, and it's also less likely to get infected. I have to say that the drs that performed the circumcision on our boys cld've done a better job. However, at this point, we wldn't put them through another surgery even if they're given anesthesia.

With my son who was born in april, it was no discussion for me i definently decided to circumcise him although he father is not, but my doctor did a great job on it and i haven't had any problems with it, I just wanted mt son to be normal and its heard that a normal wee wee is a circumcised on but i think thats just an opinion od ppls, I always said that if i ever had a baby boy hed get circumcised cause i also heard it was cleaner.It more of a matter of opinion as to how everyone would want there childeren to be seen or known as they grow.

My son got it done. I didn't want to do it, but my husband did because he is also circumcised. With the views with them in pain, I didn't notice anything that showed me hat he was in pain. IN Fact. He was Better than before he got it done. He wasn't colicky like he use to be, He slept more and even ate more than before. I'm not saying you should do it and I'm not saying you shouldn't. But that's my opinion.

In the paper today, in a country with high rates of HIV/AIDS, adult men are being circumcised because it decreases the spread of AIDS! This sounds a little bit wacky to me, but then what do I know!

My husband is circumcised and my son is not. Basically I feel that it is genital mutilation and an archaic practice. It may be common practice in our society but female genital mutilation is common in other places around the world. How can we say our practice is okay but their's is barbaric. There are in fact many nurses who have signed a letter of consciencious objection. Something to think about.

Seeing as how 2 out of 3 of my son's have "botched" circumcisions, I would never suggest it. I left it up to my husband who wanted son #1 to be done. It was left too long. (He says now it's not that noticeable but personally, he's not going to circumsize his own son.) We did it with boys #2 and #3 because we figured they should look like dad and brother. #2 was just fine. #3 son's circumcision is lop-sided. Because of this, when he urinates, the stream is hard for him to aim straight. Nothing we can do now. (It's a major surgery to correct, and they don't suggest it.) There are absolutely no health benefits to circumcision as long as the child is cleaned and parents aren't scared to really push back the foreskin. One thing I do know is now it's only 50% of boys being circumcized in our country (and my OB said it's getting less yearly). She didn't do her own son and really doesn't recommend it herself. So, fewer doctors are skilled in circumcisions. And - now you really don't have to worry about your son being the "only one different in the locker room." It will be 1/2 and 1/2.

Both of our boys are uncircumcised, even though my husband is. For us, it came down to not seeing a significant benefit to having the boys circumcised at birth over leaving their foreskin intact. It is a bit more work to clean, and to teach them to clean on their own now that they are old enough, but we knew that when we made the decision with our older son.

As I am from a different culture with nearly no boy circumcised (just those who are diagnosed with too small foreskin that causes them REAL problems) it is difficult for me to understand, why I should have someone cut off a part of my son's body with all the pain and inflammation risks, just because it's fashionable (parents would like me to do so) or there might be some minor health benefits which are not perfectly proven at all. To me and many of the people from my country it's an awkward archaic tradition. But who am I to judge. Probably there are many things in my country that are judged by you in the same way.