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was sleeping now not
12/13/2007 at 10:23 AM

My 5 mos old was sleeping through the night from the time she was 3 weeks until the Friday after Thanksgiving. I am at a loss (of sleep) and what to do. Not only will she not sleep at night but she won't sleep during the day. The most she will sleep is 3 hrs at a stretch.

At night the only way to get her to go back to sleep is to nurse her.

Mommy's tired! Any suggestions?????

3 weeks of sleep deprivation is serious for both of you. 

It is real important that you get 5 hours of sleep un-interrupted ASAP, even if you have to hire somebody to keep your screaming baby safe for a few hours while you do it.  Of course, if Grandma or Auntie or Daddy could do it, that would be nice.  This is the airplane passenger principal.  (You know, put your own oxygen mask on before you help your child put his on.)  You can slip into fatigue induced psychosis and then it's a hard road back, as psychosis puts you and your baby in EXTREME DANGER. 

Get an appt. with your pediatrician right away.  I have no idea what might be going on with your baby, but -- allergies?  seizures? breathing problems? temporary ideopathic insomnia (which means I have no idea why she's not sleeping but it will go away pretty soon)?