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08/31/2008 at 11:18 AM

My little guy is getting louder by the week.  It's not just when he wants his way...it's in general play and every day even talking to us.  He's in a young toddler program for 2 mornings a week and the kids all look at him like why are you yelling at me?  When we or anyone else tries to hush or shhhh...that just seems to egg him to get louder.  We try and talk in soft tones when he gets really loud.  We dont' want to squash his personality or his feelings, but the volume has to have some control...it can't be on high ALL the time!

Have you had his hearing checked?

I was going to ask the same question. Or otherwise, maybe your son's just yelling b/c he knows it's a way for him to get attention. It's probably just an age thing. I think setting a good example at home of how to speak at a normal tone is a good thing. Another option wld be to try ignoring the behavior. See what happens. My 5 yr old was at his swimming lesson when he screamed out, "I have to make kockas!" Everyone at the pool heard him. Pretty embarrassing!

Just thought of another idea for you. You can play the quiet game. Say to your son, "Let's see who can be the quietest." Then begin talking really softly. I guarantee your son will start to whisper just to prove he can be quieter than you. This may serve as a temporary fix, but at least it's something.

One time I read a post here that said the whole family should play the quiet game. They said the family memebers enjoyed the quiet and the loud ones felt like they could get heard... Try to involve the whole family and report back to us...