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unusual behavior of seventeen month old
06/29/2008 at 22:52 PM

Sometimes my seventeen month old son exhibits unusual behaviors that seem extrememly random.

Today I was helping him crawl down the stairs.  He leaned over and started blowing on the molding on the stairwell.  Then he laid his head down as though I had instructed him to go to sleep.  I was trying to imagine what prompted this unusual behavior.  The night before we had been playing with a balloon and blowing it up.  I couldn't imagine how molding on the stair well would have made him think of blowing up the balloon.  Any ideas?

The mind of a small child is a wondrous thing and who knows what connections they are making inside there. He will be working out another little schema. Don't worry about it.

Kids sometimes just do the weirdest thing. You never fully understand what is going through their mind till they are able to verbally explain to you what they are thinking of when they are older. I guess that he is just experimenting with his actions and learning as he goes along. Don't be too startled with sudden differences/changes in their behaviour. It is all part of growing up and understanding themselves better. Dominique Mom to 2 active toddlers

I just realized I wrote son instead of grandson. Thanks for reminding me to be more awestruck and less anxious. You would not imagine I am a retired secondary educator. Sometimes I am grateful I was not as aware of brain function and development when I was raising my own children. I am finding myself paranoid about my grandchildren's ages and stages of development. I plan to relax and enjoy my new role without the 24-7 responsibility.