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Two and a half year old forgets she's potty trained when her new baby brother arrives
11/13/2012 at 23:50 PM

My two and a half year old granddaughter forgets she's potty trained; but she only forgets when she's at home with her new baby brother. When she's at my home she has no problem with number one, but has only done number two twice. She has no problem at all at the babysitter's home.

I think she's looking for attention from mom and dad at home when they are caring for her brother. What do you think? Her mom is so upset because she worked so hard to get her trained before her brother arrived. She is actually putting her back in diapers. I told her I would get her some advice, books, etc. to help her deal with this situation.

My granddaughter is very bright, smart, and loving, but I think she's feeling left out right now.

It sounds like too much change for her all at once. When baby arrives, there's intense jealousy and conflicted feelings of being "big" but wishing to be the baby everyone pays attention to. It makes sense that she's better while away from home, because being a big girl is what earns the attention. I think your daughter is smart to realize she can start again, later. By letting her be little, she'll get tired after awhile and want to be big again. Some of the best advice I got from my hubby's mom was: let them run around naked; when they have an accident, don't change them until they're uncomfortable-- and good old fashioned plastic undies over real undies are just that. I used a sticker chart, or candy (for #1 ) and ice cream (for #2) can work too. I also bought them a special baby doll. I actually found a toy toilet and let them potty train their baby, too. We bought special undies and outfits (tights are great) that "can't" be worn with diapers, to motivate.