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tots not eating
02/23/2010 at 12:21 PM

ok my 2 almost 3 year old refuses to eat anything and everything. it is to the point that he will be shaking because of it.

the doc told us he will get over it. i think its getting bad. i dont make him someingth special when he refuses to eat cause its not fair to the rest of the family sitting at the table eating. most of the time he dosent want anything in replace anyways. he is already under weight only because he tall, but now how he eats im afrid he will end up with a real problem. last night we had a good dinner. meat, potatos, and honey beans. he refused to touch any of it. he hadent eatin all day and wouldent touch his dinner. he has gone 3 days with no choice. most of the time i let him pick out what is for meals to try and let him want to eat it. dose anyone have any ideas on how to get him to eat? he is bad and im not sure it this is normal.

There are many excellent resources on the web which contain information on how to solve this issue. Not eating for days can be harmful for your child's growth and development. Find a doctor who will give helpful advice for your child's issue.

my son was like that he was tall and thin like a weed. He had gone over six months without gaining weight ( dispite the fact that he grew in height) becuase of his appetite. but his doctor said that he would be alright. i've tried different foods as well and they say that you can't make them eat, which is right. But there has been times were he wouldn't eat something becuase it looked weird to him and i would just gently force a small amount in his mouth and say, "Ummmm, good huh!". once he realized it was tastey, he would eat the rest. realizing that things are not always nastey is really what made him eat more. just dont give in and give him sweets and water down his juices, b/c that will fill him up.