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Too old for diapers?
04/25/2007 at 12:26 PM

How old is too old for diapers?  My four year old hates using the potty and wants to stay in diapers forever.  When will she grow out of this?  It’s impossible to get her to use her potty!!!


Hi Mums,


Well, as I told someone else recently, I have never seen anyone go to college in diapers.


But, at four, I think you should be seeing some interest in the potty and in potty training.  She will be going to to kindergarten in just a year and I think most kindergarten's require that children be potty trained.


I would talk to her doctor about it and see what suggestions the doctor has about this issue.  I think that if you talk to her about being a big girl, big girl panties and things like that you might get her more interested.  I also know there are some good potty books out there.


Here is some information about potty training.


Trouble Potty Training a Three-Year-Old -


Let us know how it goes,





Have you tried letting her go on the normal toilet? My neighbor had her 3 year old learn to change her own diapers. It motivated the child to get potty trained and it made it less stressful for the mother. Best of luck. My daughter decided she wanted to be potty trained because we told her that you have to wear underwear and be potty trained to have a dance class. So we set a goal a few weeks away and then made a chart and marked every day with how she did. ( a sticker for each time she went potty and she got to color on it if she wore underwear at all that day. ) She was potty trained one week ahead of schedule. I think it was nice for her to be involved in setting the goal. It also helped both of us that it was not an immediate expectation. 


Our pediatrician's visit when my daughter was 3 helped us a lot.  Our pediatrician explained to our daughter that she should be using the potty and wearing panties, not diapers and that next time she saw her she had better be in panties.  From there she further told Angel that she is to tell mommy to take her to let her pick out her own panties.  We went straight from the doctor's office to the store!  I even had her pick out a new seat for the big potty - "mommy and daddy's potty" is what we called it.  I think it was letting her be somewhat in charge and part of the decision making that helped her.  She felt like she was being treated like a big girl and so was okay with doing big girl things.  She NEVER sat on her own little potty - it was the transition to the "mommy and daddy potty" that did it!  It took a while longer before the whole job - going number 1 AND number 2 - was finally transferred to potty (she still complained that she didn't want to go poop in the potty for a few more months), but after about 3 months she was completely out of diapers, wearing panties and using the big potty - now sans her own seat on top!  She will be 4 in a couple of weeks.


Check out this informative yet humorous segment on the everpresent perils of Potty Training from Potty Training!

Look on the bright side,'s only pee.


My son is only three months old, so no personal experience yet, but my mother trained me by puttig a metal can in the potty chair, I liked the noise my pee made when it hit the can. . .  The point there is to make it fun!


its always tough dealing with that. i say if the child is happy let them lead the way when they want to give up diapers. its only diapers.

Welcome back Single dad, not heard from you for a while

Your child is 4 years old now and it definitely is time for her to go to the toilet herself. I think you should tell her that if she does not start the habit of going to the toilet herself then her teacher would punish her or something like that so that she gets frightened and start going to the toilet on her own.

Making the child scared is just asking for problems, and it is bullying. The child is 4 so probably doesn't have a teacher yet, but even so, why turn the teacher into an enemy. That way, the child's entire school experience is in jeopardy. I had a bad teacher at the very start and I hated every day I spent at school. yes, I learnt, and did well, but only because I was terrified of the teachers. Thankfully, schools are not normally like that now. It was some time ago. Go with the pants and big toilet ideas. Don't terrorise your child.

I was just wondering how you made out? My twin boy and girl are about to turn 3. My son, Austin, started doing really well for a couple of weeks and then gave up on me. My daughter, Grace, she wants to sit on the potty all of the time... she will sit there for hours if you let her and the second she has to pee, she wants her diaper back on.