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tantrums in my 5 year old
07/18/2011 at 13:29 PM

My 5 year old is being extra challenging this summer.In her defense she has been sick on and off for a week but her behavior is not really new. She seems to become obsessed with certain toys, a red blanket and some peace sign pajamas. For awhile she was obsessed with wearing a puppy costume every day everywhere we went. Then she switched to wearing fleecy snowman jammies and a santa hat. I tried to do rewards for dressing appropriately for the weather and place but that failed and I had to take them away as it is now summer and she was getting a heat rash.So now its her peace sign jammies that she wants to wear everyday and everywhere. I have gotten her to get dressed in appropriate clothes after breakfast but then as soon as we come home from somewhere she wants to put them back on and takes a huge fit. Today the pants got wet and she started screaming tooke them off and threw them so hard at the window that the screen fell out and the jammy bottoms fell in the dirt which spiralled her into a major torrent of tears and screams. I took them away and told her she needed to take a break from them as they are keeping us from being able to do our normal every day things.I have mixed feelings about this as part of me feels she needs it for comfort reasons.Does anybody out there have any similar experiences/

I think it is ok for her to wear what she wants around the house. It is appropriate to expect her to dress if she is going to be out and about, and it sounds like she does that. If you have the resources, take her shopping with you to get a change of clothing, but I don't think you need to win this battle. I would make sure she is eating protein about every 3 hours. Also, she may have contact dermatitis from some of the fabrics in her clothes. I have a friend whose little girl couldn't wear certain fabrics, and whose pants had to have elastic waists that were not too snug--mom had to do some tailoring to get the elastic the right length. They also had to remove the tags that were at the neck of her shirts.

“I have mixed feelings about this as part of me feels she needs it for comfort reasons” Will you always be there to make sure she is comforted? The modern idea that parents are suppose to always keep their children happy, I believe, does not prepare them for life. If they are something she likes to wear, let her wear them, when it suits your schedule. Explain to her what your reasons are, and let her learn to deal with the reality of it. If she throws a fit, put her in her room until she has calmed down.

ya ..it is a common problem in toddlers. They throw up tantrums quite frequently. Be patient and explain to your child that throwing tantrums is not the way to get your wishes fulfilled.