Taking The Bottle
01/19/2011 at 14:36 PM

my daughter is 18 months old. She will take a sippy cup all day long but when it comes to naps and bedtime she throws a fit because she wants a bottle. She will throw herself around and throw the sippy cup at you until you give her a bottle. what should i do? it need some advice.

When she wakes up with a dry diaper. Easier to tell if you use cloth diapers.


Introduce the potty now just to let her get used to it. Let her sit on it to look at a book etc but don't force her to sit. If she does produce something in the potty then give her lots of praise and encouragement. Don't be disappointed if she doesn't do anything though and don't remark on it any more than to say something like 'I am happy you sat on your potty. Thank you' She is still quite young and there is plenty time to potty train her so take your time. She'll get there in the end.