Sunblock? - FamilyEducation
06/09/2007 at 00:06 AM

My three month old son, Conrad,  and I are outside ALOT during the day. . . I am caaucasian, and his father is indian.  His father's side of the family never used sunblock and have never burned.  Conrad's skin is olive toned.  I have heard conflicting issues on Sunblock and basically don't want to rub anythin foreign on his skin if I don't have to.  On the other side, I'm terrified that some day he'll burn!!  He hasn't so far, but I have been carefull not to expose his skin for longer than 10 or 15 minutes. 

since his complexion is darker, I find it hard to tell if he's getting red. . . are there other ways to keep an eye on it? Is there a point at which I can be confident his skin  doesn't burn under a reasonable amount of sun exposure?

If you don't have to use sunscreen I wouldn't. You can tell a sunburn by heat as well as by redness, so feel his skin often and make sure you keep him well hydrated. 


It isn't burning you should be worrying about. What the biggest worry is is melanoma [skin cancer] Make sure he has a good high factor sun cream, or total sunblock on. It doesn't matter what skin type or genetic background. Skin cancer is the worst and fastest growing type of cancer which can affect anyone. Sorry to sound so alarmist but it has already happened in my family. My mother is not a sun worshipper and spends very little time in the sun, but still managed to become a victim of a malignant melanoma. Please protect your wee angel.