Spitting - FamilyEducation
05/18/2007 at 13:27 PM

It's not a really big deal, but I was wondering out of curiosity.  Does anyone have an infant son that spits?  My son is 5 months old and a few weeks ago he started spitting.  It's really more like blowing bubbles but sometimes with all the drool, he can really get some force behind it and if he's close to your face or arm or whatever...you get pretty wet:-)  Is this a stage?  How soon can we expect for it to last?  The bad thing is, when he first started doing it...it kind of caught us off guard and was pretty funny so we laughed.  He's a smart little whip, because I'm convinced he saw that and now it's like he knows we thought it was funny and now he does too!

Hey flagcamp,


Have you checked in his mouth to see if he is cutting a tooth?  Sometimes the bubbles and extra drool are because of a new tooth, wouldn't that be exciting. 


I would stop laughing at it, at least in front of him, man it is so hard to keep from laughing when they do something isn't it?  I would make no deal out of it at all and I am sure it will stop with time.  Maybe his future includes being a championship watermelon seed spitter or something ;-)






My daugher is 6 months and does the same exact thing. The other day she caught me off guard by getting my arm noticeably wet. I hope this is just a stage, because it is getting messy!