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Son Says He Wants to Be a Girl
10/17/2007 at 22:30 PM

Can anyone help me with this...My 3 year old son has recently been saying that he wants to be a girl.  I ask why and he says its because girls get to wear dresses.  Should I be concerned?

let him

dramatic play is how children explore their world in their quest to gain control over emergent maturity.  what is the worst that can happen here? and is that sooooooo bad?


I agree. My granddaughter went through a phase of hero worshipping my son who was only 7 when she was born. She wanted to be just like her uncle and copied everything he did. She said she was a boy and called herself my son's name. She grew out of it quite quickly. 


I wouldn't be concerned. When we were younger my sister and I always dressed our brother up as a girl - he loved it! Tell him he doesn't have to be a girl to wear dresses - after all girls wear boys clothes all the time. At age 3 I doubt he'd be teased by anybody. He probably has an older sister or cousin that he plays dressup with. I'm sure it's just fun.I have a 5 yr old ds who is going to be a girl for halloween and I can't wait to get him all dolled up!. Good luck!


I made my daughter the most wonderful sparkly blue princess dress for Halloween.  Two years later, we put it on her little brother.  He wore it often after that.  Now he's 16, and he still likes girls' dresses--with girls in them!


The boys in our nursery are just as keen as the girls to get dressed up in dresses etc from the dressing-up box and that is great. Role play is a vital part of children's development and it is wonderful to see what they do once they are wearing their outfits.


My son loves wearing dresses too (and  having his hair curled and fingernail polish!). I think it's adorable but my dh cringes (he's going to kill me when he sees his "macho son" in my girlfriend's daughter's dance recital dress when he picks him up this afternoon from the church's halloween party - he thinks he's going as a pirate!).


There were 3 girls and 1 boy in my family and we dressed up, curled my brother's hair and painted his nails a lot. He is 24 now and he is fine. He probably doesn't even remember that. We just made it seem like so much fun.