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Solving puzzle by 2yr old
05/22/2007 at 02:26 AM

While i was paying for my groceries at the counter, there was a Barney 12 pcs puzzle behind the cash register. Out of my curiousity, i grabbed and paid for it.. not knowing if my 2yr old daughter would appreciate it. Anyhow it's Barney. I went home and gave it to her and in 1.5 weeks, she can solve it on her own. I bought her a bigger pcs of 9, and she solved it on her own in 2 days.. Yesterday.. i bought 25pcs of ppuzzle and she's starting to learn it on her own again... im so amazed and I have gone to different sites on-line to assess if she's gifted... iindeed she is and I hope she is... how about you guys.. what are ur thoughts about this case? Appreciate your comments...


Hey gin


Welcome to the boards.  I think it is great that your daughter loves these puzzles so much as someone who has always loved puzzles I can appreciate her talent for solving puzzles.  I would continue to get her puzzles and then she will continue to grow her puzzle solving skills. 


I tried to get my daughter into puzzles and she has just never liked them at all.  My husband and she both dislike puzzles so if I get one I have to do it all alone!




Congrats to you and your little one. What websites did you use to help you determine if your child was gifted? I have twin 3 year old daughters who love puzzles as well and one taught herself to write her name samantha. I was excited.




Children either seem to like doing puzzles or hate it. We usually have a range of puzzles in our room for our 2 year olds ranging from maybe 6 pieces to more intricate 20 pieces. Often the children don't look at the picture, but work with the shape of the pieces to put it togethjer. It is great that your child likes puzzles. It will help in all areas of development and is good for hand/eye co-ordination, fine motor skills, and problem solving.