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season for tragic incidents - children left in car
05/14/2012 at 04:16 AM

Sad and tragic as it is but here comes the season of infants left in cars unattended at 83+ degree. Many if not most cases happen when parents forget to drop off their kid to daycare on their way to work. When they are not used to doing it. In some time I will be forced to get back to work and I'm scared to death it might happen to us. Can you give me some of your valuable suggestions?

Parents under stress do the most incredible things including forgetting about infants - years back I left my baby in a pram at the shopping precinct and only realised when I got home - luckily he was still there when I dashed back. Paste a big sign on your car dash - Drop off baby at childcare - even if you don't have the baby it will make you check. I never did anything like that again and you will probably never forget but I understand your fear - tiredness takes its toll. Put notes on refrigerator, oven, anywhere to jog your memory. Text each other reminders - have you dropped off at childcare? etc. Don't stress - you'll be fine - it's so in the forefront of your mind - you won't forget. Good luck.

I've seen most heated debates on this topic, most of mommies crying out loud they'd never do that but the truth is that when you're exhausted you're exhausted. in the normal state of mind you can't imagine how you will act when you're tired to death. so the suggestions will be along with very good tips above perhaps in-car surveillance, like one against car-stealers? Thing is you learn to ignore reminders in some time. Live monitoring is a good way out. If you're afraid you might forget if you dropped off the kid off the car at daycare in the morning, it'll help. you can set up the system to give you alarms if there's motion inside or outside. Don't know if posting links is allowed so do a simple check on google search engine to find more info. We have a home security system with core of it being our laptop and special software Xeoma to control cams and settings but I guess the official site suggests its using also for similar cases. Cheer up! Everything's going to be alright!

I heard a suggestion today. Every time you buckle the child in, put your purse or briefcase or wallet in the back seat, too.

It amazes me that someone has to remind a person to take care of their kids. Think about it...leave your purse or briefcase in the backseat so you won't forget about your CHILD? Priorities....KIDS...then everything else. If your child is your priority at all times you will not have to worry about sitting a purse besides him/her so you won't let them die in a hot car...geeez..

One summer I had older children and an infant. Of course, when I did errands it made a lot more sense to leave the infant at home with the 15-year old than to take him with me. Then the children started school. I loaded the baby and carseat into the back seat of the car, ran downtown to make some copies. Yep. Left the baby in the car. Everybody makes mistakes. If putting your wallet in the car seat helps you remember, DO IT. geez.

Of course kids are their first priority Free2speak - but if you've been up many nights in a row and are holding down a job, house etc. it is possible to be totally spaced out and do stupid things. Curious - do you have children?