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punishment, violent and not eating?
05/02/2010 at 23:57 PM

im getting 3 with one stone here.

first off my 3 ry old boy likes punishemt he thinks its funny. he truely enjoys it. my husband and i have tryed to make it unplesant. like he isent allowed to play the rest of the day he ahs to sit out, or we are not going to park because if ur bad behavior. my husband was raised in a spankin family....our son likes it to much he started hitting himself. we are are at the end of it. we have no idea what to do now. corner, loss of privlages, rewared vs. none, spankins, bed.....just about everything. dose any one any ideas?????????please

second... the same little 3 yr old boy refuses to eat, even the things he really likes. he goes days and get so sick, shakey, dark circles under his eyes. we have come very close to takeing him to the er....and then he eats. he is 75th in hight and 35 in weight. he is a stick with no meat on him. we have tryed nutra shakes, liquid meal, vitabears, alot of stuff to keep him healthy. the doc keeps telling us he will eat when he is hungry, well they can say that all they want. they dont have to watch him struggal every few days cause of it. im not gonna bow down to he every wont and give him cake all day. i feed him the same stuff we eat. like toight dinner was hot dogs. simple and something he likes, well nope he dident want to eat it. idk if he trying to see how much he has to do to get his way or what but im worryed he is ginna end up in the hospital with a tube down his nose to feed him, i really dont like that pic in my head.

third. same 3yr old. he is violent, he has younger brother that is 18 mo. he never had any problems with a new addition. the couseler he saw few times just in case said he was best well adjested kids she had seen that yr. but for the last 9mo. he has slowly been getting violent. first it was the normal behavior between kids. hitting pushing and yelling he quickly understood those were no,nos. then it came the biteing and we had never had that prblem befor. little biting became till bleeding. pushin off the furinshe causing bloody noses. and then all the behavior came back. he starting hitting leaveing hand markes. the last straw was when he stood on his brothrs chest and he couldent breath. went to the talk to talk about it and told us we had to compleatly seperat the boys. they could not be around each other and the 3 yr old wasent to play or be around any other chilren of any age. we dont know what to do. he has so much going on at the same time that needs to helped befor something bad.

if anyone has and advise on things that we can do please let us know.

Did all the problems start about 9 months ago--the eating, the odd response to punishment, and hurting the baby?

he has never been a big eater, but now he would rather make himsself sick then eat anything at all. and yes the reponse to punishment and hurting others did stary about 9-10 mo. ago

So, what else changed about that time? Did you return to work, or move, or was there something else?

if he likes spanking etc may be you should visit a psychologist.punishments should never seem so easy to kids.

mayamay....we have moved but really not that far. i stay at home so they always have me around. i juse cinfussed about it all. cuddlycutie.... we had made him a doc apt. for a referal for a chils psychologist. the doc told me they would call in a week and if not call them. i called and they told me he dident one and they wouldent give me one. so now im forced to wait another 2 wekks to find a new doc, cause our insurance wont let us have 2 doc apt for the same problem to diffrent doc. the doc did tell us to keep him away from other kids older or younger, and he isent allowed to be around animals without supervision. honestly if i was 3 i wouldent want someone on my tail all day long. im possitive all this right now is not fun.

Wow. You do need to provide supervision every second until you get this figured out. I bet it is exhausting. Do you have family or good friends nearby to give you a break?