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potty training trouble
07/27/2012 at 22:42 PM

Hi, I am trying to potty train my 30 month old, for nearly 2 months he has went pee in the potty with no troubles and no accidents other than 2 night ones. he decided himself when he was ready to start potty training in the first place, all I did was ask every Sunday and eventually one week he said "yes" and walked in the bathroom and peed in the potty. But whenever he needs to poop he ask me for a diaper and freaks out if i try and put him on the potty. He has tried the potty for pooping but gets scared. What should I do? Is it wrong for me to force him to sit on the potty while he poops even if he is screaming and crying because I do not think that is okay and it sounds like it can cause psycological problems. Should I just wait until he is ready to have a bowel movement in the potty himself? Help please

This is quite common, children pee in the potty but find it difficult to do their bowel movements in it. I would not force him to sit on the potty when he is uncomfortable with it. Just give him time and it will happen. He'll let you know when he is ready.