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Potty Training
03/29/2008 at 08:05 AM

Hi there-
Just wanted to get some advice....my daughter will be 3 next month.  She knows when she is going to the bathroom.  She will sit on the potty and tinkles has come out before.  She will not sit on the potty at all to try to poop.  So far, we have just been letting her do things on her own terms...not to push her.  Should we continue this way?  Should I put panties on her while we are home or just let her tell me when she is ready?  Any advice would help.  Thanks

Panties would be a good idea. If she wets them then she will be uncomfortable and it will give her more incentive to use the potty next time. A lot of people use pull-up nappies but I have my reservations about them as they will not give the discomfort factor. Take her shopping and let her choose some big girl pants for herself. She will probably be excited to wear them at first anyway.
 I would not try to push her though. Just keep it the way you are doing at the moment. Give her lots of praise when she manages to do something in the potty. Children are always a lot more reluctant to do a 'poo' in their potty and that can take longer. It's always a breakthrough when the first one is done because you can make such a big deal over what a clever girl she has been.
Good luck with it. I have to admit that potty training was not my favourite part of motherhood, and now I work with 2 year olds who are all going through that stage. It doesn't take too long though and she has already grasped the basics.

Here's a real nitty gritty question--what is the texture of her poop?  Do you think she may either be constipated or have very loose stools?  If she is constipated, increase the fiber in her diet--more veg and fruit, more whole grains.  If loose, increase refined foods and dairy. 

   then, switch to panties and be emotionally prepared to deal with the consequences.  You may have some messes, which may make you impatient or angry, just don't be abusive and do have her help you clean them up.  After she is trained, you may want to get the whole house professionally cleaned :-)


Kids will potty train when they are ready and if you try to push them faster, in my experience, they dig in their heels and rebel.  lol.  My youngest is going to be 3 in May so I've been planting the idea in his head that he should get out of diapers (especially since I've been changing diapers for 9 years straight! LOL) but, over the years with my kids, I've learned a course that works alright for us. 
Some people are against bribes but hey, if it works, why not, right?  I buy two toys (one smallish, $5 Lego set and one larger, an rc car, for example) and put them on top of the tv in plain view of the child but out of reach.  I buy a few packages of cool underwear and those Feel N Learn diapers.  Just be aware of how wet the child is with those because they can get a diaper rash pretty fast.
I did this with my second son after fighting with him for 7 months about potty training.  I switched to this plan, left him alone,  just mentioning casually during diaper changes that if he'd gone in the potty he could have had the small toy (the large one is for poo in the potty) and be wearing big boy underwear and he had trained himself before the first package of feel n learn diapers was gone. 
Unfortunately it didn't work that fast with my youngest, he's gone through one package of the diapers already but, he's getting there, I feel it's mostly laziness right now.  He just doesn't want to stop playing to go.  But I am seeing progress. Good luck!  Just remember, she won't graduate high school in diapers.  ;)  It'll happen when she's ready.

Hi! I would like to suggest a potty chart. We've used this with all 3 of our kids and it really worked for them. My youngest is 2 right now and I have a Blue's Clue's print out hanging in my bathroom. It's a picture of Blue sitting on a toilet. Everytime my son uses the potty he gets to put a sticker on the chart. It also helps to have a bathroom routine. For instance: Use the potty, flush, place sticker on chart, cheers, wash hands, turn out the light- in that order everytime. I've found that he really responds to the repetitive-ness of this little routine. Hope that helps.

Does your daughter have any older siblings? Or, if not, is she or will she be in a pre-school program? We found that having our older child helped the younger one potty train easier. By seeing his older brother pee and poop in the potty and also get a "treat", gave our younger son the incentive to use the potty too. Also, we put our younger son in a class at 2 1/2 in which he didn't need to be potty trained. Some of the other kids were already trained, though, so seeing them go to the potty helped also. We tell our son, now 3 1/2, that there are no more diapers in big boy school (a school where a lot of his friends will be going this fall), so in order to go, he can no longer poop in his pants. We use underwear, but put it over his pull up, so he still feels like a big boy. The underwear has Thomas the Train on it, which he loves. We tell him, "Don't make poops on Thomas. Thomas wants to see that you're a big boy." This also has helped. Of course we still have our occational accidents, but it has gotten better. Both of my boys, even our 4 yr old, still wears a diaper at night when he sleeps. The process takes time, so be patient. Our kids won't be in diapers forever. 8-)

Potty trainsing is a time consuming job,needs much patience of the caretaker.when my oldest son was 2 up,I teach him to let him when to pee or poop.He cannot speak when he had to pee, he would scrath his pants and drag me to the bath.when he peed on the bed, I put his hands feel the wet sheet and told him it was not good.when he learnt to speak ,he can tell the caretaker his need. When he was 3,he could pull down his pants to pee.But he still need help to wipe his bottoms.He succeed in wiping when he was 4--5.

frist of all give her the panties during the day and only put a diaper on her at night then with the poop thing listen to words she says about going poop and then do a reward with her like a piece of candy everytime she poops in the toilet and only give it to here than when she does keep explaining the reward system with her and to have here let you know when she has to pee or poop and alot of praise when she tinkles in the toeilt. good luck

Once the toddler is older (maybe 2.5 to 3), potty training is more about the parent than the toddler. My kids were ready at all different levels, but somewhere between 2 and 3. It was all about consistency of me, the parent -- and boy was that hard! It was me sick of having to go to a public restroom all the time and be slowed down. It was me who was sick of working with it hourly. I can say, it is MUCH easier to do in the warm weather. With girls, throw on a dress at home with no underwear. With boys, throw on a long shirt with nothing on their lower half. Overalls with snaps work best in the winter (so you don't have to take off shoes and pants to help). Giving boys permission to pee on trees in a backyard works wonders for teaching them to notice "that feeling of needing to go." With that said, the "they'll do it when they are ready" comment is somewhat true. My 23 month old literally potty trained himself. I've never heard of a boy this young just making the decision and doing it. Girls, yes. Boys, no. BUT - my eldest son never really showed interest. Once he hit 2.5 it was all me working with him. (I knew he was ready.) Still - he didn't want to p**p in the potty until a little over 3. He'd literally go get a diaper and bring it to me to change into to go p**p. My daughter hated her potty chair and wanted to go in only the big potty, so we had to fix it so that it was always ready for her to go. Signs of Readiness: dry when they wake up in the morning, doing large urinations instead of smaller ones (Does your child pee and you really notice it in the diaper or are they slightly wet when you check so you just let it go for a while longer before changing?), staring at you or another sibling when you go potty, starting to use the words associated with pottying. DEFINITELY: take them out of diapers when you're ready, use pull-ups only when you're going to be out and about, find some underwear that hold urine (one step ahead website has my favorite training pants - expensive, but awesome!), don't use a chart unless you're going to stick with it (I used jelly beans at the bathroom instead... they sat, they got one, they went they got three.)

My friend is trying to potty train her son,but she is having a problem. The problem is her son wants to wear girl pull ups instead of the boy ones. He said he likes Dora better than Diego. His mom doesn't think letting him wearing the Dora the Exploder Training pants is a good idea since they are not made for boys. I told her I didn't see a problem with him wearing them. Does anyone else think letting him wear girl's training pants is ok?

There are all kinds of pull-ups. She can find some that have something that is more for boys if she likes. The 4 y/o I nanny loved Dora at 3 and at 4 1/2 has moved through Scooby Doo and on to Star Wars. Either way, he is getting potty trained. Great!!!!!

My friend thinks this is just the first step in him wanting to be treated like a girl. I think it is more the fact he wants to fit in with the others in his class at daycare. The rest of the class are girls and he is the only boy in the class. The girls that are starting to potty train wear the Dora training pants that Pampers makes or the disney princess pullups by Huggies. I think he just wants to wear them because they do and they are his friends. If the roles was reversed and it was one girl in a room of boys. She would probably would want to wear what the boys do.